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Pan Pakes

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First and last day of school!

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Jammin' to the ponies

Saturday, March 5, 2016

She's 4!!

It's JackJack's 4th birthday! She's having a Wall-E birthday party.

Planting station
     Dig in and plant your own seeds! Choose from sunflowers or peas. Take your plant home and help it grow. Sun, water and a little bit of love are all it needs.

Enjoy some lunch - In a Cup!
     Hot dogs, pizza, veggies, fruit and don't forget your Sep-Tu-A-Cen-Ten-Ial Cupcake - in - a - Cup!

Treasure hunt
     Wall-E has many treasures he has found in the oddest of places, come find some treasures yourself. You never know what you'll find!

Wading Pool
     Mary and John had a great time splashing in the pool, come splash with us!

     Wall-E and Eve love to dance! Rock out to music and show off your best moves.